"Trust yourself and get one percent better every day."

Heather Bauer is a small business owner and an information technology project manager. She earned her master’s degree at the University of South Carolina in media arts.

One of Heather’s first memories was seeing her single-wide trailer burning at the age of four. She, her four siblings, and single mother moved around from family member to family member, getting by on food stamps and other public assistance programs. In hopes of opportunity, Heather saved every penny from the tooth fairy and birthday cards and rode the bus until the last day of high school. She worked hard academically and trained hard for volleyball by jumping logs and sprinting dirt hills in the woods. At the end of it all, she helped her mother study for her own GED.

She received a very unexpected call from the head volleyball coach at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which led to her attending that University on a volleyball scholarship, an option she could not have considered otherwise. While in college, Heather always worked an extra job to make ends meet.

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Sheer grit & determination

Through sheer grit and determination, she graduated with highest honors and accepted an offer to attend graduate school at The University of South Carolina. Even though graduate school and outside jobs were time-consuming, Heather became more involved with the arts community.

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Chose South Carolina for the weather, stayed for the people.

While Heather chose South Carolina for the weather, she stayed for the people. Heather joined local boards, worked for nonprofits, and contributed to local tech startups. She made herself indispensable, figuring out what others could not. She didn’t realize what her career path was until someone said to her:

"Heather, you’re a producer. You just get stuff done."

Through those productive years, Heather has continued to be active and passionate about health and wellness. She realized that there was space in the market for the kind of gym she needed, which focused on community as well as exercise, so out of necessity Warrior Fitness was created.

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Heather is a change maker

Heather is a change maker, believing that if you can get better 1% every day you can achieve anything. She will bring that focus and drive to the State House.

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